Largest Star Wars Toothpick Sculpture

Here’s another Guinness World Record we absolutely felt the need to mention because, well, Star Wars. Folks, what you see before you here is the Guinness World Records for Largest Star Wars Toothpick Sculpture.

Created by toothpick engineer Stan Munro, who is also the record holder of the Largest Display of Toothpick Sculptures, this toothpick version of the Imperial Star Destroyer was made with over 15,000 toothpicks.

Largest Star Wars Toothpick Sculpture

It measures 1.48 meters (4 feet 10.2 inches) and weighs over 7 lbs (about 3.18 kilograms). Munro, who is an expert in the field of toothpick sculptures, took a week to complete this gorgeous sculpture. While impressive, this is not far from being Stan’s most complex toothpick sculpture.

He had also created smaller dioramas of Battle on Hoth and the Sarlacc Pit, and as noted above, this man had created even more complex and larger toothpick sculptures since he started in 2006.

You can see more of Stan Munro’s toothpick sculptures over at Toothpick World.

Images: Guinness World Records.