Corn Kerneler lets you to enjoy fresh corn with less mess

Corn Kerneler 450x495px

                (credit: Plow & Hearth) Corn Kerneler | US$12.95 |

this is not exactly a techie gadget but it is one that will get the job done regardless. basically, it is all do with eating corn. interesting topic, isn’t it? if you are a true corn connoisseur, then you will be eating nothing less than a fresh corn but usually that will turn out to be rather messy. that’s where the Corn Kerneler comes in.
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all you have to do is to place the cob in the narrow end of this donut-shaped contraption, push straight down and in the process remove the kernels in one quick motion. the secret is the stainless steel blades built-into the inside of this nifty gadget. the removed kernels are then collected in the basin of the Kerneler and can be easily remove from the dispensing spout but you don’t need to do that until it’s two ear’s worth of Kernels.

it is a superbly simple concept that i bet you didn’t think it exist but it does. the Corn Kerneler cost a mere $12.95 a pop.

Plow & Hearth via GeekyAlerts

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