vintage cameras turned into awesome night lights

Vintage Camera Nightlight - Ansco Cadet II w/ flash
(image: Jason Hull) Vintage Camera Nightlights | US$tba |

night lights for kids. don’t they just look overly cute or monotonous? even as an adult, i have always wanted to use nightlights but just because of the aforementioned, i didn’t. however, if those nightlights look like Flickr user, Jason Hull (aka Jayfish)’s creation, i would have grab it in a heart beat. what Hull did was, he converts old cameras dating back to the 50s ad 60s into awesome looking nightlights. as much as he love converting those vintage imaging devices into cool nightlights, he refrain from putting cameras that are in pristine condition or rare under the knife, which should give vintage camera enthusiasts a sigh of relief. vintage camera lovers will be glad that he only uses camera that are “lightweight plastic” and those that are produced in quantity which are easily source from the open market. if you want one, then keep your eyes peeled on Hull’s Etsy store for the Vintage Camera Nightlights, which should be available after the New Year, or you can get your hands dirty by following his build instruction posted on the Instructables website. in the meantime, treat yourself to some imageries of these beautiful nightlights after the break.

Flickr via NOTCOT

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