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You Can Snooze the Retro Alarm Clock Radio’s Alarm by Waving Over it

We are way into 2015 and as far as being futuristic is concerned, we are far from it, but there is at least one item you could own that would help inch closer to a high-tech, futuristic living and that’s the Retro Alarm Clock Radio by Electrohome. While digital display clad in a retro design looks seemingly today, gesture control to activate the night light and to snooze the alarm does sound a little more, well, futuristic, if not by a lot. Inspired by dual bell-equipped retro clock, Retro Alarm Clock Radio has a pair of LED lights where the bell ringers supposed to be. These lights serve as a handy nightlight, which you can turn on and off just by waving over the clock. The same gesture can also use to activate the snooze feature for times when you need an extra five minutes. Continue reading You Can Snooze the Retro Alarm Clock Radio’s Alarm by Waving Over it

SnapRay Makes Night Light Sleek Again By Integrating it into the Outlet Cover Plate

night lights are perfectly fine in your junior’s room, but elsewhere in your pad, it could be a liability more than convenience. wait, so why should grown ups be using night lights? well, for a variety of reasons, such as providing a subtle lighting so you won’t go knocking into furniture when you make your way to the restroom in the dark or simply to shed some light to an otherwise, cold dark home. whatever the reason it is, the SnapRays Guidelight by Snap Power will never become a liability cos’ it has energy efficient LED lights built right into a replacement outlet cover plate that replaces your standard outlet’s, giving you the seamless, sleek look. the real kicker here is, it can be installed in seconds on most standard U.S. outlets without any wiring. Continue reading SnapRay Makes Night Light Sleek Again By Integrating it into the Outlet Cover Plate

vintage cameras turned into awesome night lights

Vintage Camera Nightlight - Ansco Cadet II w/ flash
(image: Jason Hull) Vintage Camera Nightlights | US$tba | www.etsy.com

night lights for kids. don’t they just look overly cute or monotonous? even as an adult, i have always wanted to use nightlights but just because of the aforementioned, i didn’t. however, if those nightlights look like Flickr user, Jason Hull (aka Jayfish)’s creation, i would have grab it in a heart beat. what Hull did was, he converts old cameras dating back to the 50s ad 60s into awesome looking nightlights. as much as he love converting those vintage imaging devices into cool nightlights, he refrain from putting cameras that are in pristine condition or rare under the knife, which should give vintage camera enthusiasts a sigh of relief. vintage camera lovers will be glad that he only uses camera that are “lightweight plastic” and those that are produced in quantity which are easily source from the open market. Continue reading vintage cameras turned into awesome night lights

Solar Sun Jar & Touch Sensitive Dog Lamp

Solar Sun Jar(photo source: urbancubes.com)
green heads out there rejoice, cos’ here’s another cool stuff to show your love for the planet. comes Solar Sun Jar, a lamp made out with traditional mason jar (you know those jars that your mum use to store your favorite cookies?) with high-efficiency solar cell, rechargeable battery and low energy LED lamps. placed the jar under the sun and it charges up the battery over a few hours. this energy is stored and can be use at night to power three LED lamps inside the jar. the jar is frosted, so the LED lights emitted is diffused and making it appears like sunlight. the Solar Sun Jar has no switch, cos’ in-built sensor will do the job of detecting darkness and lights up. there’s no paranormal activity but work of the sensor. being a mason jar, it is completely water tight. so there’s no need to worry about weather condition when you leave outside to charge. this also means you can add a touch of mystic coolness to your garden by deploying the Solar Sun Jar as a garden light or simply use it as a night light.

Touch Sensitive Dog Lampyou asked your dog to sit, paw, roll over. how do you like to ask him to light up your study table? now you can with the Touch Sensitive Dog Lamp. well, not a real dog though. i assure you that no animals will be harm in the process. with just a pat on the touch sensitive ‘head’, the lamp can be switched on and off, and brightness can be adjusted through 3 distinct level. the Touch Sensitive Dog Lamp is made of solid acrylic plastic body and uses a 40W (Max) E27 bulb. did i mention that the ‘head’ is adjustable? very cool.

available @ UrbanCubes.com.