The concept of a station in which you can fully immerse yourself in gaming or just using the computer isn’t new. But I have to admit, save for Razer’s proposition, the ones that we have seen so far are kind of sad because they revolved around beds with snacks or a reclining chair with snacks.

Cooler Master ORB X Fully Immersive Multi-purpose Station

Perhaps this is why we are pumped to see the Cooler Master ORB X Fully Immersive Multi-purpose Station. Though it is hardly the first futuristic work/gaming station. There was the Acer Thronos Air from 2019 and then the scorpion-like Cluvens Scorpion from 2020. It has been a while since we saw anything this futuristic and hence, we are pretty excited.

It is a semi-enclosed orb-like station which you enter by pivoting the extra large table top aside and once you set yourself nice and comfy in the pod’s leather reclining seat with six-point of adjustability, a motorized dome will lower above you and complete the cocooning, so to speak.

Cooler Master ORB X Fully Immersive Multi-purpose Station

The pivoting table top has a wireless charging pad built into it to charge your mobile device while you are working inside the ORB X. It can be paired with headphones for listening to music while you work or for Zoom meetings.

The ORB X is designed to support a single curved or flat wide display of up to 34 inches or a 2 or 3 monitors multi-screen setup. Also built into this futuristic pod is a 2.1-channel 60W masterAUDIO with a power amplifier that packs two 2-inch full-range speakers, two 2-inch tweeters, and a 5-inch sub.

Cooler Master ORB X Fully Immersive Multi-purpose Station

And then there’s the gaming requisite ARGB illumination which boasts an ARGB LED stripe with 8-mode effects, compatible with masterPLUS+ Software Audio to ARGB LED strip at the base, as well as audio input from the 2.1-channel masterAUDIO sub.

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It is not clear when the ORB X will be available and for how much but we heard you can get yourself on the waitlist.

Cooler Master ORB X Fully Immersive Multi-purpose Station

Images: Cooler Master.

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