Here’s another Super Fan Builds by prop maker Tim Baker and team. This time, the super fan chosen was Josh Earl who is a mega fan of the Cape Crusader and a father of one. How big is he a fan? Very big. As judged by the massive Batman-related collection leading to and in his office. And for that, both he and his kids get this amazing custom Tumblr baby stroller for being a super fan. We not sure if the kid was all that elated, but one thing for sure, the father did look more excited than his son, Collin. Kids at this age probably don’t get what’s happening and besides, looking at Collin’s stature, you’d outgrow the custom baby stroller pretty soon. Also, as nice it is (but not the kind of I wish I was young again kind of nice), it could be a little on the unpractical side.

Custom Batmobile Tumbler Baby Stroller

This stroller is massive and doesn’t look like have steerable front wheels, which could make maneuverability a problem. Anyways, it is still considered as a beast amongst the baby scrollers. Thank goodness it won’t spit out fire, else daddy’s legs gonna get burnt. As always, the details that went into this custom build is not short of astounding. The only let down are the wheels, which we were kind of expecting a duo-wheel setup at the rear and somewhat fatter (and steerable) front wheels. And no guns. Bummer. So there is no way of getting back at bully Joe next door. Maybe next time. Go ahead, check out the summarized built process and the final revealing of the stroller to the excited Josh (and maybe the kid) in the embedded video below.

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Youtube via Carscoop

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