While some folks may loathe puns, our team here kind of like it. What? Seriously? Yes, very seriously. It’s funny, alright and besides, there’s nothing like a good laugh. Well, you know what they say, don’t you? That laughter is the best medicine? That said, if you adore puns like we do, then you will appreciate what two friends, Alberto and Moo, has done: Daily Critter Playing Cards. So what has playing cards got to do with puns? Well, if you don’t already know, Alberto and Moo are the folks behind Daily Critter, a website that turns pun into critter illustrations and as for this deck of cards, they are, well, naturally, very punnish.

Daily Critter Playing Cards

Dubbed Daily Critter Playing Cards (but, of course) All the face cards and jokers are created using puns related to the name of the cards, while the suits feature the duo’s work, starring none other than the critters. Take for example one of the four Kings would pumpKing, Jack will be LumberJack, and then there is the ManneQueen, or HarleQueen, and many more. It’s a refreshing change for playing cards which are usually on a more serious note. These pun illustrations were completely hand drawn with water colors and will be printed by the United States Playing Card Company.

The Daily Critter Playing Cards are not a reality yet, it is still short of a few grand required to be successfully funded on Kickstarter and if you like to see it materialized, do show your support by backing the campaign. If you are quick enough, you might just secure yourself a deck for just 14 bucks. Slow hands will be looking at $16 a deck. Shipping is free within the US. There is a catch though: the campaign is on its last leg with four days left on the clock.

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