What No One Tells You When You Play Words With Friends

“Words With Friends” is a fun game that you can play casually or really competitively on the internet. It is somewhat a modern-day game of scrabble. However, a lot of you don’t know that you can always make yourself better and that there are tactics many people know but will not share with you in order to have an advantage over you. Follow this article to see what no one tells you while you play.

What Are You Missing Out On When Playing “Words With Friends”?

While it is very fun to play, “Words With Friends” is a pretty competitive game and many people will not teach you all of their tricks so they would keep an advantage over you. This is not only a game where you mindlessly unscramble letters but a tactical strategic one where you have to think before you make your moves.

There are some advanced tactics and tips that will surely help you get ahead of any opponent and you should learn some of these useful tips to get out on top next time you play.

Here are some suggestions you should consider implementing.

What No One Tells You When You Play Words With Friends
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1) It is a good idea to sometimes sacrifice points
You may not know that “Words With Friends” is actually a very tactical game. Having that said, there are cases where it is a smart move to sacrifice a few points in order to prevent your opponent from scoring a big number of them when it is their turn.

This is done by blocking certain fields so that the player getting the turn after you would not be able to create a large combo resulting in your opponent actually losing points. You should also consider using a bingo that does not open too much for the same reason. This will frustrate the opposing side since they will not have a lot to work with.

But if you’re the one struggling, you could always try Scrabble Word Finder which is a must-have tool for winning Words With Friends games. It quickly generates winning word combinations and provides word definitions, ensuring players don’t miss important scoring opportunities.

2) Learn how to set someone up
When playing this game, another smart tactic is that you try to create openings that are not so easy to use for random tiles but are still simple enough for the tiles that remain in your own leave. By clicking on the “Tiles remaining” option you can examine the number of them left that can be used for your setup (for example, how many of a certain letter is left so you can pluralize your word).

3) You should use the Tile Bag, especially when the end of the game is close
This tactic will give you important information you could implement in your strategy. This idea can help you win more games than you imagined. What you need to watch out for the most are the S, high point tiles, blanks, severe duplication, and consonant/vowel ratio. Taking a good analysis of this box will give you a chance to create subtle strategic adjustments which come in the form of setups and you will also receive information about the most dangerous scoring spots.

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Looking at the Tile Bag will also help you a lot when it comes to noticing tiles that do not remain. Having the information you get by using the Bag will make you choose your words more wisely, thus giving you a bigger chance to win the game.

4) It’s better to play towards the center
A smart tactic when playing “Words With Friends” is to focus your play towards the center while keeping away from the Triples. This is done because this way you ensure that you do not give the opponent large scoring chances in the outer 4 columns or rows. On the other hand, while the opponent cannot do much, you have a huge chance to score very lucratively with multiple combinations such as the TL/TW one.

5) Strategic decisions should be done one at a time
When you are in such a position that allows you to choose from several options, you should always take a step back and think for a second. By using the process of elimination you can see what strategy is the smartest move in a certain situation.

Firstly, you should compare similar plays and then compare them with different ones to see which one would come out on top. Compare the strengths and weaknesses of each strategy. Remember that these moves are not preferences but rather deductions.

6) In case you are losing, try creating a double opening
Double openings are plays that can be really useful because they open two major hot spots at the same time. This move allows your opponent to grab one of the two while you go ahead and grade the other making sure that you get points. This strategy helps to stay afloat when you are losing so that the opponent would go too far ahead.

Remember that this move is pretty risky because, in the end, your opponent is the one who gets to pick the better out of the two options. However, if you have high-point tiles in your rack, it will surely help you catch up with the enemy.

What No One Tells You When You Play Words With Friends
Image credit: Pixabay.

7) Try keeping strong tiles
Then you have the letters X and Z you should be able to score over 30 points by using the bonus square multipliers. That is the strategy you should strive towards. When it comes to the letter S and blanks the tactic should be to either use them for the same purpose as you would with the X and Z or go for bingos.

Remember to look at the board carefully before doing anything, because if these options are not available at the time, you have to save these letters and use them when there is an opportunity to score the points mentioned above.

8) Hooks can sometimes pay off largely
Hooking an already existing word is one of the most effective ways to score points in “Words With Friends”. In order to do this, you should add one tile to either the beginning, or the end of a word, and thus you create a whole new word. With this technique, you can often access high-scoring bonus multipliers.

By knowing these tactics you will get the upper hand over some of your opponents. Don’t be afraid of losing in case you make a mistake while trying some of these strategies, you will improve over time. Study how the other person plays and try to use the tactics against them. Now, go out there and win some games. Good luck.

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