Top 6 Android Games For A Couple

This time of year, with dark nights and ever-colder temperatures, always presents an opportunity to seek solace in home entertainment. If you’re looking for an alternative to restaurants or movie theaters for date night, you could easily opt for takeaways and a Netflix box-set.

There are many group activities you could also indulge in, from zoom parties with a bunch of your friends indulging in online banter, with wine to hand, to gaming with multiple participants.

Good Pastime Alternative

There are so many good things to get captivated at on the small screen of a smartphone, the main difficulty is narrowing down the options. You need to decide whether you want to invest in a series (which could run into many subsequent series), or sit down and get absorbed in a film.

One good aspect of Netflix, not to mention YouTube or Amazon, or the many other streaming options, is that these channels are smart. You can find yourself presented with a choice of titles to watch based on your viewing history. This can make it a little easier to select your date night’s viewing as you and your partner are scrolling through the seemingly endless possibilities.

Another pastime, even more popular than watching films or listening to your favorite bands, are video games. This can be an even more immersive activity that becoming enthralled in an action movie, horror film, or rom-com.

With advances in technology meaning you can now don headsets and become completely at one with the unfolding action, playing the latest PS4, Xbox and Android titles will keep you engrossed for hours at a time, whether you play against each other, or collaborate during online multi-player contests.

Games are also perfect for couples to play because you can share in the high drama and white-knuckled rides. And when the ‘game over’ legend appears on the screen, you can choose to start the next installment or have fun chatting about the highs and lows of the game.

With the spring season around the corner and COVID-19 restrictions on the way, if you and your partner are not in the mood for cooking together, or watching movies, or testing level of maturity in your relationships (tastes differ, as they say), then definitely try playing games from this exciting list.

Drive Ahead!

What could be more exciting than a computer game that merges gladiatorial combat with racing cars? Here you can do battle with an array of off-field vehicles. They may not be the most glamorous modes of transport, but you’ll fall in love with these tanks, garbage trucks, and assorted bashed-up rally cars. En route, you’ll collect all sorts of goodies, including helmets, coins, and cars. You’ll need to stock up, as your battles become ever more dangerous.

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Table Tennis Touch

Table tennis, played from the comfort of your couch, with refreshments to hand and highly-addictive competitions to get involved in! You can rise through the ranks as you take part in club, national and international events. There are other contests – skittles, half-table, and accuracy zones where you guys can hone your skills.

Golf Rival

Actual golf might not be everybody’s favorite sport, and it’s certainly conducive to winter. But going online to indulge in 18 holes around a choice of magnificent landscapes, and having to go no further than your front door, is a terrific alternative. Pick from an array of clubs as you’re fine-tune your driving, chipping, and putting skills.

Tic Tac Toe

So, this might not be as taxing as some shoot-em-up where you need to have your wits about you to avoid becoming some ravenous undead’s next tasty snack, but it’s still a great way to pass the time on a date night. The rules are pretty straightforward, but you’ll soon discover your inner combatant as you struggle to outwit your other half.


This is another game where you need to have your wits about you as you try and come up with bigger words than your partner or friends. Not only will you have fun and laughter as you get involved in the contests, but your vocabulary will also improve no end (although you might find a few words slipping out as you get frustrated by being bettered!) It can get very fast-paced, too.

Couple Game

It is a great quiz-type game to get to know your partner better. The questions might surprise you and your significant other, but that is what makes this game so enjoyable! You will also share your hidden gentle sides as well as interests and hobbies.

Benefits For Your Relationships

Whatever the nature of the game you engage in when you grasp those consoles, the benefit to your partnership is immense. Games can get quite emotional as you battle to save the earth from being overrun by zombies or aliens, or get involved in narratives where the decisions you make can alter the course of events.

You’ll be left with many conversation topics, long after the game has finished. You can also learn a lot about natural teamwork, especially if you are collaborating to conclude a mission.

On the way, you’ll develop your problem-solving skills, and learn more about communicating with each other. The more you indulge in gaming, the more intuitive this support will become.