Well, if only Bill Batson had a Amazon Dash Button for Trojan, then he wouldn’t be involved in an accident when he was out buying condoms. Yup. That’s the Amazon Dash Button… for buying condoms at a touch of a button. According to the condom maker’s survey, one in five did not use condom because neither partner had a condom, adding that the company is “excited to work with Amazon to deliver Trojan condoms right to consumer’s door with the push of a button.” The announcement of this new and quick way of acquiring condoms also coincides with April’s National STI Awareness Month. I don’t know man. Given it was announced on the 31st, a day before April fools’ day, could this be a joke? Probably not.

I don’t think Trojan will go to the length of issuing an official PR through an agency if it weren’t serious. In any case, push button order for condom is totally plausible and could be a boon for some who are shy about grabbing the rubbers in person from places like Walgreens or CVS. For the uninitiated, Amazon Dash Button is a WiFi connected device that Amazon Prime members can use to restock specific products at a press of a button. Each button is dedicated to a specific product. An app lets you preset the product, as well as the quantity to order whenever the button is depressed.

Though surely Billy boy will have wait, cos’ it does not promised instant delivery (less in future it integrates with drone delivery). Instead, the product will be delivered “as quickly as possible.” The Dash Button can be placed anywhere that’s convenient for you. In the case of washing detergent, you could stick it to the washer’s control panel and so, I am guessing Amazon Dash Button for Trojan could be on your groin. Maybe? I don’t know. Maybe just place it inside your bedside table’s drawer. The Amazon Dash Button for Trojan is technically free, but you payment of $4.99 is required, which will be credited after the first press.

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