picture this: you in a deep sleep and someone, such as your spouse or mum or whoever, comes barging in and pull open the curtains, rays of light enough to make any vampire cringed pours in, after which they proceed to shake you up. not a good feeling, we bet. abrupt waking is basically a bad hair day in the making, which is obviously not good. with the iwaku Smart Wake-up Light, you can keep your “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door and let it do the waking up. like most sleep monitor before it (such as the Lumawake), iwaku monitors your sleep pattern with the aid of a smartphone app and wakes you up at the optimal time, which is at your lighter sleeping phase. but prior to that, the built-in light will gradually intensifies and finally, the alarm kicks in to make the final call for you to wakey wakey.

according to its maker, this gradual waking helps to get your physiological systems up to speed before you actually wake up, so you should feel more refreshed, energized and ready for the long day ahead. additionally, the iwaku is also a medically-certified light therapy lamp that’s suppose to help improve your sleep/wake rhythm. if you believe you are not getting quality sleeps, a gadget such as the iwaku Smart Wake-up Light might just be worthy of exploring. arriving to the European market this Fall, with North America to follow soon after. expect to shell out €229, or $299 for each.

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iwaku Smart Wake-up Light

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