Scotsman Electric Scooter Indiegogo

Just when we lament the fact that electric scooter’s design is as mundane as smartphone, the Scotsman Electric Scooter appeared in our inbox. Developed by Branch Creative design studio and produced by Arevo – the folks who brought to you Superstrata Bike and Misfit Shine, the Scotsman is as sleek as an electric kickscooter can gets.

Scotsman Electric Scooter Indiegogo

Scotsman Electric Scooter is sleek, cohesive and it boasts a unibody construction that is 3D printed in a single pass using Arevo’s continuous carbon fiber thermoplastic composite.

That’s right folks. It is the world’s custom 3D-printed carbon fiber composite electric scooter. Scotsman Electric Scooter is like the sports car of electric scooter, sporting flowing lines and made of carbon fiber composite – material often associated with performance cars.

Scotsman Electric Scooter Indiegogo

And like some expensive exotic ride, it is custom to the rider. It will be produced based on your height, weight, and riding style. I guess you could say it is a bespoke electric scooter?

There are three models to choose from: Scotsman 500, Scotsman 1000, and Scotsman 2000, offering up to 2x 1000W from the dual motor setup. Each Scotsman Electric Scooter boasts a unique power system architecture that has two separate battery bays and are easily removable.

Scotsman Electric Scooter Indiegogo

All told, this 40-ish lbs (20 kg) scooter can accommodate up to 350 lbs (158 kg) rider, has a top speed of up to 45 mph (73 km/h!), offers up to 70 miles (112 km) of range, and it has enough power to tackle up to 50% of hill gradient (which pretty damn powerful in scooter speaks).

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Other features include regenerative braking, all-round disc brake, beautifully integrated LED head and tail lights, 10-inch pneumatic tires. Integrated LCD display, built-in GPS as well as Bluetooth, and it even has a front-facing camera – just like an automobile!

While impressive in both design and specs, like sports cars, the Scotsman Electric Scooter is something of luxury; it has a starting price of US$1,399 and that’s early bird pricing on Indiegogo, which is at 53% off the eventual retail price. That would be US$2,999 if anyone’s counting. Yikes.

Anywho, if you are down, you may pre-order Scotsman Electric Scooter from Indiegogo where it is running a pre-sale campaign. Delivery is expected to happen sometime in December 2021.

Scotsman Electric Scooter Indiegogo

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All images courtesy off Scotsman.