Superstrata 3D Printed Unibody Carbon Fiber Composite Bike

Anyone who is remotely interested in bicycle should know about Superstrata Bike. Why? Because, it is a breakthrough in bike design. Superstrata Bike is the world’s first custom 3D printed unibody carbon fiber composite bike.

Superstrata 3D Printed Unibody Carbon Fiber Composite Bike

It is really unibody, unibody, i.e. it has absolutely no joints, no glue or whatsoever. The frame of this beautiful bike is fabricated using continuous carbon fiber technology and the result is a frame that is up to 61 times stronger than steel.

And it is crazy light too, weighing in at mere 1.3 kilograms (2.9 lbs). If anyone’s checking, that’s lighter than some laptops out there. Bonkers.

Superstrata 3D Printed Unibody Carbon Fiber Composite Bike

The carbon fiber is no any old CF; it is thermoplastic carbon fiber composites, a material is lightweight and yet highly impact resistant (read: it is super tough).

Also, unlike the myriad of bikes out there, this one here is custom to your height. Superstrata Bike is NOT a one-size fits all bike. It is truly a custom bike. And customization does not stop at the size of the frame; the entire bike is fully customizable, totally over half a million combinations.

Superstrata 3D Printed Unibody Carbon Fiber Composite Bike

Superstrata Bike is indeed a gorgeous bike and part of the reason of the beauty is nothing unnecessary is exposed. Wires and cables are run internally, resulting in a super clean look. Even for the pedal assist model.

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Speaking of which, yes, it is available in two models, the classic referred to as Superstrata C and the pedal assist version called Superstrata E.

If you are sold, you may want to consider picking a unit as a pre-order on Indiegogo where it is having a pre-sale event.

Prices start at US$1,499 for the Superstrata C and US$1,999 for the Superstrata E. Delivery is expected to happen sometime in December 2020.

Images: Superstrata.