Bamford Cycle Department Custom Bike - Linley Edition

if you are into custom high-end timepieces, chances are you have heard of Bamford Watch Department. the name might be a bit of a mouthful when it comes branding, but hey, that don’t really matter because the fact is they do make expensive watches look even more awesome and personalized anyways. after dabbling in and setting its foothold in personalized luxury timepieces, BWD is gearing up to step into the world of performance bicycle with, you guessed it, Bamford Cycle Department. keeping with BWD’s mantra of “if you can imagine it, we can create it”, BCD (pardon us for the excessive use of acronym…) developed an advanced flexible production methodology that allows each bicycle to be tailor made to each customer.

instead of forming the bike frame in one or two large moulds as practiced in traditional bike making, it uses several types of carbon composite material in twelve different weave patterns and put them together using a bespoke internal joining system to form the frame. according to BCD, this allows the frame to be built with custom geometry to fit your measurement, riding abilities and other requirements, while keeping to a weight that’s comparable to traditional “monocoque” construction frame. other customizable variables include material for the top tube, down tube, seat tube, chain stay, as well as seat stay.

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the new venture’s inaugural offering is the Linley Edition bespoke bicycle, featuring a design and color scheme of the Linley brand. though we are not sure if you are able to purchase this bike anytime soon, or ever. anywho, this particular bike (pictured above) features a large 57cm (22 inches) frame that tips the scale at just 837g (1.85 lbs), which outright exhibits the benefit of BCD-developed construction method.

Bamford Cycle Department Custom Bike

Bamford Cycle Department via Hypebeast