Whether you like the feeling of open-top driving on long winding mountain roads or gunning for speed at the winding race tracks, drop-top style, the new Caterham Seven 340 will have you covered. Well, “covered” if you are residing in Europe or Japan because this latest addition to the Seven line-ups is available in the EU and Japanese markets.

Caterham Seven 340S Roadster
Seven 340S

Powered by a naturally aspirated 2.0L four-cylinder Duratec engine producing 170 bhp, the new Caterham Seven 340 is offered in two packs: S and R, and in standard and large chassis sizes.

The road-going Seven 340S offers a grand touring experience with a 5-speed gearbox, road suspension pack, 14-inch classic alloy wheels, full windscreen, hood, and side screens, and black leather seats.

The Seven 340R, on the other hand, is geared towards track day, featuring a limited-slip differential, sport suspension pack, 15-inch Orcus alloy wheels, four-point road harness, carbon-fiber dashboard, and a composite aeroscreen.

Caterham Seven 340R Roadster
Seven 340R

At this point, details of the new Caterham Seven 340 Roadster are yet to be available on the official website.

However, we were told that the EU prices for the Caterham Seven 340S and Seven 340R start at €45,700 and €47,200 (about US$46,753 and US$48,286), respectively. Meanwhile, customers in the Japanese market should contact their local retailer [JP] for further information.

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Images: Caterham.

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