Clearly, LEGO 10261 Creator Roller Coaster is not enough to satisfy LEGO enthusiast Akiyuki Kawaguchi (the creator of the realistic LEGO rotary engine model) need for thrill.

Akiyuki LEGO Roller Coaster Track

Because, Akiyuki has built a motorized roller coaster version that spans the builder’s entire apartment. Granted, Japanese apartment aren’t big on average, but this motorized LEGO Roller Coaster Track’s total length impresses nonetheless.

It is a good 61 meters (200+ feet!). Akiyuki’s creation has outdone Chairudo’s 21’ LEGO MOC roller coaster. While Chairudo’s creation is based actual roller coaster design, Akiyuki’s isn’t.

Akiyuki LEGO Roller Coaster Track

That isn’t to say Akiyuki’s build isn’t impressive. IT IS. The 220+ feet long track includes bends, crazy vertical climbs and vertical drops, loops, and includes some put a smile-on-your-face surprises, including smashing through wall (LEGO brick wall, of course).

It is also impressive because, GoPro. Akiyuki has also built a small car that carries a GoPro for a super cool first person view of the in-apartment (LEGO) thrill ride. Mesmerizing.

Akiyuki LEGO Roller Coaster Track

According to the creator, the speed of the roller coaster is 0.38 meter per second (or about 1.2 feet per second).

Here, have a seat in this awesome miniature thrill ride yourself in the video embedded below. Be warned, though, there are some pretty serious vertical drops and dizzying ups and downs.

Akiyuki LEGO Roller Coaster Track

Images: Akiyuki/YouTube (Akiyuki Brick Channel).

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