So, you have seen some impressive custom LEGO built that revolves around roller coaster and wish you have the knack for LEGO to do the same. Well, you don’t have to because, now, there is the LEGO 10261 Creator Roller Coaster building set. Thus, you can forget about cracking your brain over how to go about building one, cos’ this one is a ready-to-build set.

LEGO 10261 Creator Roller Coaster

Packing a cool 4,124 pieces, this LEGO chain-lift roller coaster comes with 11 minifigures with a variety of expressions to boot and boasts the ability to be upgraded with LEGO Power Functions and LEGO BOOST that will motorized the roller coaster and adds realistic sound effects. So, it is basically a kinetic piece, with the help of motors.

“Capture the speed, thrills and excitement of the ultimate fairground attraction with this incredible LEGO® Creator Expert 10261 Roller Coaster. This fully functional chain-lift model comes with 2 trains and an array of authentic features and functions, including a ticket booth, cotton candy cart, concession stand, height marker, and a covered boarding station complete with opening barriers and a control panel. Lower the lap bars to secure the riders into the cars and release the brake to send the train to the foot of the first climb. Then activate the chain lift and enjoy the ride as the gravity-driven cars hurtle through the Roller Coaster’s twists and turns.”

LEGO 10261 Creator Roller Coaster

As detailed in the official text, the set comes with two sets of trains along with tons of features that makes a roller coaster, a roller coaster. When built, it stretches 34 inches long, 16 inches deep and stands over a meter tall (88 x 41 x 53 centimeters). Impressive. Even more impressive is how much LEGO is asking in return for this fairground set.

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If you want a set, you will have cough out a princely sum of $379.99. Oh, wow. And here I thought the Kessel Run Millennium Falcon was pricey… Anyways, look out for it when it hit the shelves starting June 01, 2018. That’s provided that you are cool with the asking price. Man, does it have to be this pricey? Never mind. I am good at just ogling over the photos.

LEGO 10261 Creator Roller Coaster

LEGO 10261 Creator Roller Coaster

LEGO 10261 Creator Roller Coaster

Images: LEGO

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