This Is A Looping Roller Coaster Building Set LEGO Does Not Have

You guys remember the super cool, LEGO-compatible roller coaster building kit from CoasterDynamix? Well, they have a new one called Sidewinder LEGO Compatible Looping Roller Coaster. While the set from two years ago is based on a traditional wooden roller coaster, the Sidewinder is a modern roller coaster that, as the product name suggests, include […]

LEGO Is Going To Have A Huge Roller Coaster Set This June!

So, you have seen some impressive custom LEGO built that revolves around roller coaster and wish you have the knack for LEGO to do the same. Well, you don’t have to because, now, there is the LEGO 10261 Creator Roller Coaster building set. Thus, you can forget about cracking your brain over how to go […]

This Custom LEGO “Wooden” EL Toro Roller Coaster Is A Whopping 21F Long!

Well, this is going to make thrill ride-loving LEGO fans all wet with excitement. I know am and I am not shy about it. This is what known to be the world’s largest replica of the wooden roller coaster made out entirely of LEGO elements. Built by one very talented LEGO enthusiast and YouTuber Chairudo, […]

Miniature Wonder: Cyclone LEGO Compatible Roller Coaster Toy

If there’s one thing the world most famous bricks can’t do, it would be functioning roller coaster models. Not that nobody has done it; it has been done, but there’s just one problem: true-to-LEGO roller coasters function rather jerkily simply because LEGO don’t have purpose-built track pieces. Even there were actual track pieces, you will […]

The New LEGO Haunted House Set Comes With A Functional Free-Falling Elevator

Here’s one for adult LEGO Fairground collection collectors: the new LEGO 10273 Creator Expert Haunted House! And it is looking absolutely amazing. Or perhaps it was the marketing photos that make it look amazing? Whatever it is, I am digging it even though I am not a big Fairground fan.


Samsung Unveils A Trio Of ‘Secret Projects’ From C-Lab At SXSW

Samsung have been working some ‘secret projects’ from C-Lab, an innovation program that helps its employees to nature their own creative business ideas (kind of like LEGO Ideas, but for Samsung staff), which the company has chose to unveil at this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) held between March 13 and 16 at Austin, Texas. […]