In this digital age, the relevance of pencil seems so, well, irrelevant. I conclude that there are two broad categories of people who still choose pencil over digital devices. First, is those who appreciate “hand art” and the second, those who simply can’t accept technology. I can’t help it if you belong to the latter, but if you are the former, it is safe to assume you are a person who appreciate style and functionality, and believe that both can coexists even and if so, I think Everyman Grafton Mechanical Pencil might just be the pencil missing in your life.

Everyman Grafton Mechanical Pencil

It wants to be the last pencil you ever own. Everyman even goes as far as claiming it is a buy-for-life aluminum pencil that has a lifetime guarantee attached to it. To cut long story short, it is a beautifully crafted pencil that carries with it features including heavy-duty bolt-on clip with “perfectly engineered clip pressure”, high-quality eraser, replaceable lead reservoir, and a “expertly weighted” high-quality hand-machined 6061 anodized aluminum body boosting deep groove grip for the best grip possible. It is available in black or silver, and in a choice of 0.5 or 0.7mm lead.

Everyman Grafton Mechanical Pencil

We love how it uses bolts to secure the clip. The presence of the bolts gave the bolt a tactical cross industrial feel, which is definitely my cuppa. If it is yours too, you may want to consider picking up one from the product’s crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. A modest $29 will secure you a Grafton Mechanical Pencil which will be delivered in June 2018. The campaign is more than funded and so, your pledge for the pencil is a pre-order. Also, Everyman isn’t new to Kickstarter. The Grafton Mechanical Pencil is its sixth campaign. So, yeah. They are seasoned player alright. Hit the jump for the product pitch video to pick up for details.

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Everyman Grafton Mechanical Pencil

All images courtesy of Everyman.

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