it is no coincidence that the new Twelve South GhostStand sounds a little eerily similar to the iconic Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck, cos’ that awesome plastic that was designed for our butts is actually the inspiration behind this desktop stand for MacBook. if you are fan of mid-century, post modern decor, this transparent stand might just be your cup of English Breakfast. granted that plastic is hardly a material of choice for a laptop stand, but by employing a crisscrossed blades design, this desktop stand for MacBook has in fact achieved two things: first, it is now completely sturdy enough for your laptop to rest on; and secondly, it is aesthetically pleasing, allowing the stand to blend seamlessly with any contemporary decor (we thought it will turn out best against white background and white themed furniture).

as a fringe benefit, it looks like a purposeful (or not) sculpture when your MacBook isn’t sitting on it. the truth be told, not everybody will fancy paying $34.99 for plastic, but for us, we’d pay the price for the good look. despite where it drew its inspiration from, we find that this transparent stand is more appropriate to be associated with Hans Wegner’s era, don’t you think so? or maybe on the next “Lost in Space” remake? just saying… hit the jump for a few more look – if you need some further visual persuasion.

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