Finally, a Laptop Stand for Road-warriors That’s Actually Designed for On-the-Road Use

Good news, road warriors. If you rely heavily on laptop on the road, you might what to check out Flio Portable Wooden Laptop Stand. The product name is pretty much self-explanatory, but in case you haven’t get it, it is basically a slim, collapsible wooden laptop stand with ergonomic viewing height and offers a comfortable […]

Evernote Extends Its Desk Accessories Collection with These Stands for Tablets, Laptops and Monitors

We are not sure why Evernote has decided to venture into marketing products, but it sure looks like they are swiftly increasing its portfolio since the launch of Evernote Market about a year ago. the latest to join the Pfeiffer Collection desktop accessories announced this past summer is the minimalistic, sleek plywood-molded stand called Bent […]

Twelve South BookArc möd – An Accessory or A Furniture?

do you have aluminum desk and chairs, or perhaps cabinets and shelves in metal? probably not and so why should your MacBook accessories be any different? different as in, also clad in aluminum like most manufacturers are doing right now. in fact, Twelve South is among them that pushes that matching notion, but not anymore. […]

Twelve South GhostStand – Desktop Stand for MacBook

it is no coincidence that the new Twelve South GhostStand sounds a little eerily similar to the iconic Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck, cos’ that awesome plastic that was designed for our butts is actually the inspiration behind this desktop stand for MacBook. if you are fan of mid-century, post modern decor, this transparent

Twelve South HiRise for MacBook

first, Twelve South gave the iMac a ‘raise’ and now it is giving the MacBook the same treatment, except that this Twelve South HiRise for MacBook, as it is called, don’t have the organizational capability but it will, however, elevate users’ laptop to a comfortable viewing level of their preferred height on their desktops. plus, it is adjustable – from a low 94mm (3.7…