Remember the super cool charging brick that looked like the classic Macintosh all-in-one computer? Well, there is a new one. This time it is more powerful and has a functional display as opposed to just lighting up. Folks, meet the new and upgraded Shargeek 67W Charger with Power Display.

Shargeek 67W Charger with Power Display

In addition to paying tribute to the classic Macintosh all-in-one PC like the Retro 35, the new Shargeek 67W Charger with Power Display also pays homage to the sci-fi film, The Matrix (1999, Warner Bros.), with a patented “LED Matrix display to show the real-time charging power and the iconic “Matrix Digital Rain” visual effect.

The new Shargeek 67W Charger with Power Display features All-GaN Technology and is more powerful, and therefore able to support simultaneous device charging.

It has three USB Type-C interface ports that support various types of Fast Charging Protocols, including PD 3.0, QC 3.0, SCP/FCP, and Apple 2.4, for example.

Shargeek 67W Charger with Power Display

When charging a single device with either one of the three ports, it can output up to 67W. When the main port is used with one of the two secondary ports, it produces 45W on the main and 20W on the second port.

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However, if two secondary ports are utilized, you’d be getting 15W out of each port. This means if all three ports are used, you’d be getting a max of 45W from the main port and 15W on each secondary port.

All told, this little guy is able to charge the new Macbook Air M2 in two hours or less and topped an iPhone to 50% in 30 minutes.

Shargeek 67W Charger with Power Display

As always, the charging brick has a number of safety features built-in, including overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, under-voltage, overheat, and short-circuit protection. It is equipped with an internal APS (Active Protecting System) that senses the temperature 180,000 times per hour.

It comes with a flip-out two-prong for U.S. outlets and so optionally available add-on adapters are required for it to be used in the U.K., Australia, and Europe.

If you are keen, you may learn more about the new Shargeek 67W Charger with Power Display on Indiegogo where you can also pre-order a unit at a discounted price of US$39 (U.P. US$79).

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