The World’s Smallest Phone Charger Does Without Cable and Has An Integrated Bottle Opener

if you are in a constant of state of fear that your smartphone’s battery will conk out before your day ends, then we suppose you will have at least a backup battery stash inside your bag, or for even more ‘security’, probably a charging cable and a power adapter for times where they are wall […]

Swich Is A Super Stylish Stand With Qi Wireless Charging Built Into It

what has art, wireless charger and a smartphone have in common? probably nothing, well, at least not until the Swich Wireless Phone Charger comes along. hailed from Slovenia, this sculpture-like, artsy device stand is crafted from natural materials such as hardwearing American walnut wood and ceramic, and has a wireless charger built into its angled […]

ARK Portable Wireless Charger

Qi wireless charging pad isn’t really entirely wireless cos’ it still has to be plugged into a power outlet in order for it to charge your Qi-enabled devices, which also means portability is never in the equation. with the ARK Portable Wireless Charger, that kind of changed.

iQi Mobile Wireless Charging for iPhone

we were surprised that Apple has gone to length to introduce fingerprint security feature and not the current hyped wireless charging. if we were to choose between those two features, we’d go for wireless charging as a more ‘practical approach’. i mean, i have never, in my smartphone using career thus far, thought keying a few

iBattz Mojo Hi5 Powerbank Case for iPhone 5

iPhones are pretty cool and though lacking of real innovation, the 5 is still quite a looker (and still as intuitive, thanks to iOS 6) but not without shortcomings such as susceptible to scratch and limited battery life. seriously, if you are going to use your iPhone 5 as a fashion accessory without putting a finger on it (who does…

Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation in White

kudos to Apple for letting white into the gadget world and as far as we can recall, soon after, almost every handsets that turn out in the market has the option of white but one thing is still missing: most juice packs are still in black and that doesn’t really go very well with your pretty white & silver iPhone 5, does it? but fret not, cos’ our favorite juice pack specialist has finally…