we were surprised that Apple has gone to length to introduce fingerprint security feature and not the current hyped wireless charging. if we were to choose between those two features, we’d go for wireless charging as a more ‘practical approach’. i mean, i have never, in my smartphone using career thus far, thought keying a few numbers is a hassle at all. fortunately, you can now equip your latest iPhone 5s, or any iOS device with Lightning connector, with wireless charging capability without bulking up the device and the accessory to do just that would be the iQi Mobile Wireless Charging for iPhone. i am sure most of you have read about third-party wireless charging accessories for iPhone, but the iQi Mobile stands out as one that is ridiculously thin, at 0.5mm to be specific, and plugs directly to your device’s Lightning port.

it is designed to slip under soft cases, so you can still use the case of your choice while enjoying the freedom of wireless charging. damn, we only wish add-on battery pack can do the same. as a style-conscious iPhone user, you have to admit that black, bulging cases are anything but inspiring. so i suppose iQi Mobile’s concept is pretty enticing. according to its maker, Fonesalesman, the iQi Mobile is capable of charging through non metallic cases up to 5 mm thick and boasts charging time faster then USB 2.0 port of a Mac or PC machine. though, no specific on the charging time were provided. you can get the iQi Mobile Wireless Charging for iPhone now at a special discount price of $20 and up via the product’s Indiegogo campaign page. the awesome thing is, Fonesalesman has opt to go with flexible funding, which means the product is a go regardless of whether the campaign hits the set funding goal or not.

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iQi Mobile Wireless Charging for iPhone

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