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in the pre-iPhone era, the thought of charging our mobile phones on the road has never cross our minds. thanks (or not) to its myriad of functions and its less-than-ideal battery life, we see juice packs sprouting out in the market to supplement our iPhones insatiable appetite for power. keeping a juice pack or two handy is a great idea but when you are presented with an outlet, we choose the latter for the sake of conserving the juice packs for ‘real emergencies’. however, we also don’t fancy bulking our pockets with the cumbersome stock charger, which is why the JuiceBuddy seems like an awesome proposition that would potentially solve our charging-woe. the JuiceBuddy is much like the MiniDock from Bluelounge, except that it sports a much more diminutive size and doubles as a handy keychain, so it can be with you always, ready to deploy at a flip of the prongs. handy size aside, it also saves yourself the trouble of bringing along the USB cord and also, gets your iPhone or iPod Touch off the floor when charging. the JuiceBuddy also features a hidden USB 2.0 port, concealed by the key chain attachment, allowing you to use the JuiceBuddy to charge other USB devices (with a USB cable, of course). constructed of polycarbonate, the JuiceBuddy can be yours for $24.95 for the white, black, and red versions, while the sleek polished aluminum version will set you back at $34.95 each. a product intro video follows after the break.

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