Not sure if you noticed but airports are getting bigger. And while a carry-on suitcase is usually not heavy since there is a limit to how much it can pack and also it can be towed, it can make walking a little more inconvenient. But that will not be the case with the Airwheel Rideable Carry-on Suitcase.

Airwheel Rideable Carry-on Suitcase

A rideable suitcase is not new. Airwheel itself has a few of them which it calls Airwheel Scooter. The Airwheel you see here is its latest with a very unique aesthetic. It has a transparent polycarbonate body wrapped in an aluminum alloy frame that has a max load of 286 lbs (130 kilograms), thus allowing a grown person to seat on it and ride it like a scooter.

It rides on three large, shock-absorbing 4-inch wheels, which kind of makes it a tricycle, and it has a max speed of 6.2 mph (10 km/h). The suitcase handle serves as a handle to tow the luggage and as the handle in scooter mode. The accelerator and brake control can be found on the said handle.

As a suitcase, it offers a 28L (7.4 gallons) capacity, and instead of the usual zipper opening, it has a “door” on the side that opens up to facilitate packing and unpacking.

Airwheel Rideable Carry-on Suitcase

Other features an app-enabled anti-loss system, a detachable battery that has 6.2 miles (10 km) range per charge, dual USB ports for charging your other devices, customizable RGB light, TSA, FAA, and IATA compliant, and the latest TSA lock.

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The Airwheel Rideable Carry-on Suitcase is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter where you can secure a unit for 3,585 Hong Kong dollars (about US459). The campaign has already met its funding goal and so, a pledge is as good as a pre-order.

This may be Airwheel’s first crowdfunding endeavor but it has been around for years. We featured its self-balancing vehicle here way back in 2015. The company has now transitioned into other mobility devices, including suitcase scooters and other mobility aids.

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Images: Airwheel.

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