Aukey Omnia Series Charging Adapters

Good news, haters of power bricks. The days of chunky charging adapter is almost over and starting this small revolution is Aukey Omnia Series of Chargers, or charging adapters, if you will.

Leveraging on Aukey’s latest OmniaChip which uses gallium nitride (GaN) circuity – developed with GaN specialists, Navitas – to drastically reduces size and weight of the charger.

Aukey said GaN offers 1,000 times greater efficiency over traditional silicon, 100 times faster switching speeds while reducing as much as 90 percent in size for the same power output.

This means, the size of laptop power bricks can be as small as the one that charges your phone. Pretty amazing, right?

Aukey Omnia Series Charging Adapters

Speaking of laptop chargers, the Omnia series of chargers are all capable of powering laptops – in addition to fast charging, via Power Delivery, smartphones. In the dual-port series, it also boasts Aukey’s proprietary Dynamic Detect technology that intelligently allocate power across the ports.

In other words, power between the two ports are not distributed equally. It is split based on use. For example, if only one port is being used, Dynamic Detect will direct all available power to the one port, thus enabling, for example, a dual-port 100W to delivery all 100W to power a device like a 16-inch MacBook Pro.

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Currently, there are five models planned in the series, ranging from 61-100W. Each of the Omnia chargers is also capable of fast-charging PD smartphones and the models with 2x USB-C ports can fast-charge 2 devices simultaneously at maximum speed. Aukey said even the smallest model is capable of charging a 13-inch MacBook Pro at max. speed.

Aukey Omnia Series of Chargers is slated to be available in Q2 2020 with pricing to be confirmed nearer to launch date.

Aukey Omnia Series Charging Adapters

Images: Aukey.