Homemade 3D-Printed 12-Gauge Shotgun

Gone are the days where homemade firearms look clunky and unreliable. Thanks to 3D printing, homemade firearms are a norm. If you have been living under the rock… yes, 3D-printed firearms is a thing and it is not exclusive to the military no more. The Liberator 12K was one example and man, it is unnerving to know that almost anyone can build a gun right in their basement.

Started out as a “political art project” by Jeff Rodriguez, the Liberator 12K is a six-shot, revolver-style, pump-action 12-gauge shotgun and yes, it is totally functional. In addition to the Liberator 12K, Jeff also made a single-shot break-action shotgun too and like the revolver-style shotgun, it, too, was made from 3D printing and some commonly available parts. Yikes.

Homemade 3D-Printed 12-Gauge Shotgun

Jeff told Gunscom that the metal parts were procured from Home Depot while the rest of the shotgun was 3D-printed thermoplastic polymer.

We are intrigued by the zig-zag grooves on the exterior of the cylinder that enables the rotation with its pump action. We also love how clear tubing was use to show off the internal, springs, sear and all that on the prototype, because, it is so very geeky.

Obviously, Jeff is a person who knows what he is doing and so, you don’t just go around 3D print a firearm like he did.

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You can learn more about Jeff’s Liberator 12K in Gunscom’s video, or hit up Liberator12k.com to learn more about 3D printed firearms. Awe and wow aside, it is rather unsettling to know that anyone can make firearms at home.

Images and source: YouTube (Gunscom).