The lack of ports and small storage capacity lead to the use of USB hubs and portable hard drives with today’s laptops. While it seems like the problems have been addressed, they aren’t. USB hubs and portable hard drives brought about a new problem: more things to carry. Those things make laptop that is meant to be mobile not quite mobile. This is where DriveSlide is able to help.

DriveSlide 2-piece Sliding and Locking Laptop Attachment

DriveSlide is a 2-piece sliding and locking laptop attachment: the Lock and the Key. One part (the Lock) permanently attaches to the cover of your laptop, with or without case, and the other (the Key), attaches to your accessories such as a USB hub or portable hard drive.

Once installed, it is a matter of sliding and rotating the Key-equipped accessory to the Lock-equipped laptop to securely lock the accessory in place. And there you have it. No extra things to carry. The accessory and your laptop becomes. This makes for easy transportation and very importantly, easy to work with even without a table.

DriveSlide 2-piece Sliding and Locking Laptop Attachment

Simple and ingenious solution to a nagging problem laptop users refused to admit. It is a wonder not more people have jump into getting into one.

Perhaps, not many people have heard of it? It’s OK that you haven’t (heard of it) because, we are telling you now a solution exists. And if you sold by the idea (like, why wouldn’t you???), you may want to pre-order a set from its creators, Eli and Anna Jay’s campaign on Kickstarter, for just US$15-US$25.

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All images courtesy of Eli and Anna Jay.

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