If the numerous cat litters we have featured in the past haven’t interest you, then perhaps, this one will. Called Space Kotty Smart Litter Box, it is a super high-tech cat litter that Bigglesworth may love to have.

Space Kotty Smart Litter Box

This space age-looking enclosed cat litter is beyond a mere cat litter. It is also your feline friend’s heath guardian. It monitors your cat’s heath using weight and litter box habits and compared them against algorithms based on veterinary baselines. The data is analyzed and stored, and alerting you of any potential issue.

Space Kotty Smart Litter Box will work with multiple cats, tracking them as an individual – thanks to the RFID gate that reads the cat’s RFID chip or collar. A companion app not only stores the medical history of each cat, but also tracks all important dates like veterinary appointments, surgeries, and vaccinations.

Space Kotty Smart Litter Box

As a litter box, it promised to be the “cleanest letterbox ever.” It employs UV-C lamp to kill bacterial and viruses, while activated carbon pollen filter and a silent operation fan aid in removing odors.

On the outside, the space pod-like litter box is equipped with lights that will glow in different colors as visual alerts to a major health problem, minor concern, or simply to indicate if the litter box is occupied. Well, kitty probably don’t know if a color means occupied. It is more for you know that your flurry friend is inside.

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Anywho, my favorite features gotta to be the tracking of litter used and automatic re-ordering system, so you never will be out of litter.

Before you get all ga-ga over this futuristic litter box, you have to know it is not a real product yet. It will be if it meet its funding goal of US$30K on Kickstarter.

In meantime, if you wish to, you can be part of the team that will make Space Kotty a reality by backing for a product for a Kickstarter’s early bird price of US$299. Apparently, retail price will double of that.

All images courtesy of myKotty LLC.

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