The Pocket Chainsaw – compact saw that fits into the pocket

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(photos: Supreme Products) The Pocket Chainsaw | US$135.00 |

remember those times where you have to pick up those measly twigs for your campfire nights? you probably need a load of those to make a decent fire that’s probably going to burn out before you could finish belting out ‘Rocka My Soul’. if only you could break down those fallen trees that you saw while scouring for the pathetic twigs or perhaps, fell a couple of little trees. for obvious reason, nobody bring a chainsaw to camping trips, until now. in comes the Pocket Chainsaw – a 28-inch (71-cm) hand chainsaw crafted from high-strength, heat-treated steel – that let’s you cut through a 3-inch thick limb in a matter of seconds.
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simply wrap the limb you want to cut and start pulling back and forth. there you have it – nice and thick firewoods are just a few tucks away. isn’t that sweet? when done, just coil the pocket chainsaw up, pack it in back into its handy tin can, and slip into your pocket. i am sure you can’t get more compact then this. can you? though, it would best to check with you local ranger before you start calling out ‘timber’. you know, just in case. the Pocket Chainsaw by Supreme Products is available for $29.99 a pop.

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