It has been a long while since we last saw any product, gadgets and whatnot, worthy of the mention as “one less thing” to own or carry. So, we are glad we have finally come across one called Mateo. Mateo is a bathmat and it is also smart weighing scale. So, that’s one less thing in the bathroom. I guess?

I know right? The most love-and-hate gadget now has a place in bathroom in plain sight. The boon is, you will not to get to see the shock of your life until you fire up the app. In short, it kind of puts a layer of mystery to your weight.

Mateo The Smart Bath Mat CES 2020

Beneath the regular-looking, machine-washable cloth is a super thin mat with a weighing technology that boasts medical-grade 7,000-dot pressure mapping.

This is some high-tech, borderline sci-fi shit. Not only can Mateo take weight, it can also identify users by footprint. Well, believe it. Furthermore, it can create a heat map of how your foot makes contact with the ground.

It gets even better from here. Because of the pressure mapping, it is able to generate a so-called “posture score” and suggest corrective exercises, if required.

Mateo The Smart Bath Mat CES 2020

The biggest draw of Mateo is perhaps its ability to take your weight (and the metrics) without you taking notice. The hardware and app will take over the monitoring on your behalf. If and when the numbers reach certain threshold (presumably set by you), good or bad, the app will alert you.

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Mateo was one of the more intriguing tech products to surface at the recently concluded CES 2020. So, yeah, there were working prototypes but no, it is not something you can buy, yet.

According to Engadget, the company will launch a crowdfunding campaign “in a few months.” There’s no indicative pricing yet. However, the company reportedly said that the high-end models that will have conductive thread to detect body composition will cost $179. That said, I don’t think the simple model will be cheap. In meantime, here’s an introduction video of the Mateo:

Featured image and source: Engadget.

Additional images: YouTube (Mateo).

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