If you work in tech, yours must be a very exciting life. However, every so often, you might find yourself in between jobs or needing an extra buck. Sometimes, you might even want to take a break from the tech world.

However, bills never take a break. Do they? Whether for supplementary income or as a plan B, it’s always important to have alternative sources of income.

Did you know that your hobbies can put an extra shilling in your pocket? The following are some non- tech hobbies that can pay the bills.

1. Driving People Around

Driving People Around
Credit: JÉSHOOTS via Pexels.

If you love speed and an open road, how about driving?

This could be especially profitable if you live in an area that gets tourists and business travelers.

You can chauffeur business guests to and from their hotels and meeting spots.

Tourists could give you more work, as they might need you to show them around the city, drive them outside the city and so on.

Here you get to enjoy driving, meet new people, enjoy the outdoors, and make something at the end of the day.

2. Freelance Writing

If you happily spend hours and hours writing creatively for free, it’s time to monetize this hobby.
There are lots of individuals and companies who are continually looking for people to develop content for them. This would be a great place to start.

There are numerous freelancing platforms as well that link up freelancers with employers. Similarly, you can start your own blog where you post your content and think of ways to monetize it, like hosting adverts, getting into affiliate marketing, and so on.

3. Home Brewing

Home Brewing
Credit: ELEVATE via Pexels.

Do you and your friends love a good, cold beer? If so, then you already have your first few clients lined up for when you start brewing beer.

The best thing with this venture is that it’s not labor-intensive, so you can still have a full time day job. It also does not have high capital requirements.

Of course, start small until you get your brew right. You can always increase the volumes of your drinks as you get more customers.

4. Teaching and Coaching

Teaching and Coaching
Credit: mentatdgt via Pexels.

There are many ways to go with this.

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Europe and Asia have a good market for English teachers. As a native English speaker, you can find numerous opportunities to teach the language online.

If you speak a third language well enough to teach it, you can teach it as well. Spanish, French, and Chinese are always popular choices.

For people with a good number of work experience in senior positions, leadership coaching is a great option.

As a leadership coach, clients will come to you for advice and guidance regarding how to navigate and be successful in top corporate positions.

Crafts, swimming, musical instruments are other things you can teach as well.

5. Become a Fitness Instructor

Become A Fitness Instructor
Credit: Pixabay via Pexels.

People are increasingly taking preventative measures to safeguard their health. This has seen a rise in demand for fitness instructors.

If you are a fitness buff, this is one area you can explore profitably.

With one gym session lasting roughly an hour, the number of sessions you can cram into a day or week will determine your earnings.

To be successful at this, you might need to get certification. This adds an element of credibility and professionalism.

Focus on providing excellent services to your clients so that they can send referrals your way.

6. Cooking

Credit: Clem Onojeghuo via Pexels.

Do you make delicious treats or cakes?

If so, consider making this an income earner. This is something you can do part-time and on weekends or full-time if you ever find yourself between jobs.

The beauty of it is that you will not need to get business premises. You can prepare your meals from home and deliver them to your clients.

As you start, market yourself to friends and neighbors, ask new clients for referrals, and also use your social media to get the word out.

Work at It
While your hobby may not replace your full-time job, it could generate significant returns to keep you comfortable. Remember to be persistent and to “start small” and, most importantly, to have fun while at it because that is the goal of any pastime.

Featured Photo by theformfitness via Pexels.

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