Technology has indeed progressed rapidly. Just not too long ago, we were posting about stationary pet care products that dispense treats, lets you monitor your furry friends and play with them remotely using laser pointer. Today, we have almost the same thing, but this time, it is mobile, by the way of a robot.

Meet Rocky, it is the newest companion and playmate robot for pets. It is adorable, has omnidirectional wheels that allows it to go places, dispense treats, and there’s a built-in camera for monitoring your feline friend and a laser pointer sticking out of its top that you can remotely control to play with your cats.

Rocky Companion and Playmate Robot For Pets

Using the companion app, you can check on your kitty in real-time, record images of kitty with the 1080p HD camera, control Rocky’s movement, and ‘communicate’ with it via audio interaction.

Dispensing of treats can be automated or remotely controlled. The laser pointer is movable, allowing you to use gesture to move the pointer around from wherever you may be. Rocky is outfitted with all-wheel drive omnidirectional wheels like those found on the DJI S1 Mini Tank, allowing it 360 degrees of movement and 360 degrees field of view.

Interestingly, Rocky is also being marketed as a home monitor too, allowing you to remotely inspect your home. It is powerful enough to take on 15-degree slopes and the wheels enable it to traverse across hard floors, carpeted floor, and overcome up to an inch of obstacles.

Rocky Companion and Playmate Robot For Pets is equipped with battery with up to 7 days of standby time. Though it is not known how long the battery’s operational time.

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Originally priced at $199, Rocky can be pre-ordered now at a discount price of $149. But it looks like Rockybot is having some kind of crowdfunding of its own over at its website.

We noted that they will “email you to order once” they “have receive enough pre-orders.” Anyways, I will let you be make your own judgement on this. Meanwhile, here’s the promotional video of Rocky, if you are interested.

Images: Rockybot.

Submitted via TIP US Page.

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