With claim of LiDAR destroying camera’s sensor, we ought to be mindful not to put all our faith in this autonomous car-essential sensor. Notwithstanding that, I think there’s no doubt that radars and LiDAR will still be in the picture, but cameras for self-driving cars may be just as in important.

Speaking of cameras for autonomous cars, Mobileye, an Intel company, has recently demonstrated its camera-driven autonomous vehicle. As its name suggests, this vehicle relies entirely only on cameras to navigate a complex driving environment populated with pedestrians, unguarded intersections, delivery vehicles and more.

However, it is worthy to note that Mobileye is developing both systems. One with surround-view cameras (altogether there are 12 cameras in this test vehicle) and the other, with radars and LiDAR. Continuing reading to find the unedited ride in Mobileye’s camera-driven autonomous vehicle.

Image: YouTube ((Mobileye an Intel Company).

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