Building a Cybertruck Out Of a UAZ

So many YouTube channels have cashed in on the Tesla Cybertruck hype. Many have so-called “built” a replica, but nothing comes close to the real deal like these crazy Russian car builders, Garage 54, is doing.

Garage 54 has been around for a while and they have did some pretty crazy, head-turning automobile-related projects, including an 8-wheeled Fiat, a steam-powered Lada, a concrete UAZ, a disco ball car and more.

Granted, building a Cybertruck is not exactly ‘crazy’ per se, but it is certainly worthy of a mention because, well, it’s a Cybertruck, duh.

Garage 54 announced their intention to recreate the polarizing pickup truck on its YouTube channel in late December 2019.

Last week, they posted a progress image on their Instagram page and boy, it is looking like the real deal. Saved for the rusty body work which is probably due to the fact that they have used steel and not stainless steel. But who cares, right? It is looking pretty damn good as it is.

The wheels are different too, but again, nobody cares if the wheels aren’t the exact wheels. Also, it will probably be gas-powered. And if I’ll be honest, we don’t mind at all. We can’t hardly wait to see the end result.

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Image: Instagram (@garage_54).