Kubota Glass Money-back Guarantee Campaign

Remember Kubota Glass, a new non-invasive cure for myopia, that was in development? Well, the Japanese version of the Kubota Glass will go on sale in Japan starting on August 1.

Along with the sale, is a campaign that advertises the full money-back guarantee policy for “a limited period and a number of units.” Now, that is the strangest policy yet. I mean, usually, such policy applies to all of the same products and it usually does not have a window.

Anyhoo, in this limited-time campaign, users who have purchased a custom Kubota Glass and are not satisfied with the product can request a full refund. And you probably want to do that if it is not working out for you because the price for a pair of custom Kubota Glass costs a whopping 700,000 yen plus tax, or about US$5,282 according to the current going rate.

The said campaign starts today (August 01) and will end on September 15. There is a catch though. The refund is not after you have worn it for days or weeks. You see, Kubota Glass is a made-to-order product and so it will take time for it to be made. It appears that on the day of collection if you are not satisfied, you can cancel the order right there and then, and the full amount you have paid will be refunded to you.

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This money-back guarantee is offered only to the first 20 units. Man, I feel odd even saying it. However, if it is the size issue, you are entitled to one exchange for free.

Kubota Glass can only be purchased from authorized ophthalmologists or opticians and in the case of Japan, there are four vendors (two of which are eye clinics, btw) for now. As for the international version of the Kubota Glass, it is still pending approval by US FDA. Kubota said it also submitted its request to Taiwan FDA in May 2021. Meanwhile, folks who read the Japanese language may learn more HERE.

Images: Kubota Vision Inc. [JP]