Never mind the pandemic cos’ life still has to go on and that includes going back to the office which so many people dredge so much. This also means video conference in the office is going to be a norm again and for that, Jabra wants a piece of the action with Jabra PanaCast 50 4K Video Conference Webcam. Yes. That Jabra. The company best known for selling active lifestyle earbuds also has a line of video conference webcams.

Jabra PanaCast 50 4K Video Conference Webcam

The PanaCast 50 is the latest to join the PanaCast 4K Video Conference Webcam lineup that includes PanaCast and PanaCast 20. The PanaCast 50 is a monster when it comes to the field of view – thanks to its three 13 MP cameras which offer an adjustable 180-degree field of view and Jabra’s patented real-time video stitching technology, which offers a panoramic-4K (3,840 x 1,[email protected] fps) resolution.

The super-wide coverage allows for group video conferencing while seated far apart necessary for a time like this. At a glance, the PanaCast 50 looks like a soundbar and it might very well be because the 650 mm (25.6 inches) long cylindrical form is home to four zero-vibration speakers which include two 50 mm woofers and two 3/4” tweeters, and an 8-microphone beamforming array.

Jabra PanaCast 50 4K Video Conference Webcam

The PanaCast 50 has both Zoom and Microsoft Teams Rooms certification. But all this goodness comes with quite a high price. The PanaCast 50 will set you back at US$1,315 or more. That’s a lot even for a conference-grade cam, especially when competitors like the Kandao Meeting 350-degree conference camera is now selling for 600 bucks.

Jabra PanaCast 50 4K Video Conference Webcam

Images: Jabra.

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