This is it. The next Marvel superhero blockbuster is drawing close, which means it is also about time Marvel Entertainment hit fans up with a new Captain America: Civil War trailer, which it did today. Spoiler or not, you’re going to watch it, because we are finally getting a proper look at your friendly neighborhood spider superhero (it’s a big thing, made bigger by the movie licensing issue). As for the trailer, it is a ‘traditional’ mix of emotions (not my cuppa, honestly) and tons of action, including chase sequence, hand-to-hand combat, explosions and more explosions, that makes a superhero flick ticks (yeah, baby, yeah!). And someone got shot down by Winter Soldier while Scott Lang aka Ant-Man hitched a ride on Hawkeye’s arrow.

This supposedly final trailer (not discounting TV spots, I presume) brings together all the heroes in one epic cut over 2 minutes long. The trailer is epic and all, but the real showstopper in this clip is no doubt Spider-Man who revealed himself to be on Team Iron Man. And lets not forget about the new old Spider-Man suit that fans have been waiting to see. The suit so old and new at the same time. Very classy, we must say. The suit, I mean. Well, without further ado, please enjoy the Captain America: Civil War official trailer #2 in the embedded video below.

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Captain America: Civil War opens in theaters across U.S. on May 6, 2016.

P.S. You may want to pay attention Spidery’s eyes.

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