IKEA DIRIGERA Matter-ready Hub

If you have not been following, Swedish flat-pack furniture giant IKEA is somewhat of a tech company. It has gone beyond home furnishing to offer appliances like air purifiers, air-purifying curtains, Bluetooth speaker lamps, and more. The latest to join the IKEA tech portfolio is the IKEA DIRIGERA Matter-ready Hub.

IKEA DIRIGERA Matter-ready Hub

The problem with today’s smart home gadgets is that too many standards prevent devices from different brands from playing well with each other. Soon, that problem will be a thing of the past – thanks to a new connectivity standard called Matter that will soon be adopted by some of the biggest names in the smart home market. And the new IKEA DIRIGERA is a smart home hub that will take advantage of the Matter standards.

“With the new DIRIGERA hub for smart products, users will be able to onboard all IKEA smart products to the system and steer them individually, in sets, or in groups in the new IKEA Home smart app. This enables users to create different scenes with pre-set functions of the smart products and increases the personalization options for the smart home.”

Together with the new IKEA Home app, it will support all of IKEA’s existing smart home devices, along with devices from other brands that support the Matter standard. The new app promised to be easy to navigate, make it easier to set up a smart home, and it also promised to make connecting devices to the DIRIGERA hub “significantly easier.”

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IKEA products that use the TRÅDFRI gateway will work with the DIRIGERA hub when it launches in October.

Image: IKEA.