The fact that you need to vacuum and mop your home several times a week goes to show that indoor air quality is not necessary better than the outside. Luckily, we have technology to help address the indoor air quality. However, if you will rather not have a gadget doing the job, then you will be glad that Swedish flat-pack furniture giant IKEA has new non-gadget solution, by the way of curtains. The company announced earlier in February that it has developed curtains that serve the usual curtain functionality plus the ability to clean the air in your home.

IKEA GUNRID Air Purifying Curtains
Prototype of GUNRID the air cleaning curtain.

Called GUNRID air purifying curtain, it works much like the photosynthesis pulled off by plants in nature. This means, the purifying process is triggered by outdoor and indoor light, thus enabling the curtains (feel strange saying this, TBH) to break down indoor pollutants like formaldehyde and remove odors too. In other words, there’s no electronic wizardry or whatsoever involved in the process. The curtains are conventional fabric that has the surface treated with a photocatalyst mineral layer that will enable the synthesizing to occur. Though it is not exactly what that mineral layer is and it also not known how long it will continue to work (like will it wear out or something?).

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Anywho, according to Mauricio Affonso, Product Developer at IKEA Range & Supply, the curtains are tested to make sure they actually clean the air. So, yeah, it does work according to IKEA and so the only question is: how effective is it at purifying the air? I guess we will know when nearer to the curtains availability in 2020. You learn more in the video after the post.

IKEA GUNRID Air Purifying Curtains
A mineral-based surface treatment enables the breaking down of air pollutants.

Images: IKEA.

Source: New Atlas.

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