This is Candle Touch. Yes. It is a candle, but trust me, it is a candle unlike what you have seen. It won’t repel mosquitoes, nor will it fill your room with smell of delectable KFC. However, it will add beautiful scent that will not make you hungry and perhaps more interestingly, it is smart, app-enabled.

Yes. You heard that right. App-enabled. Now, lets be clear. Candle Touch is not a fake candle. It is REAL candle with real wax and real flame.

Billed as at the world’s first smart candle that uses real wax, Candle Touch features an ignition mechanism that lets you light it up with at a touch of a button… using your smartphone.

Each candle is good for up to 40 hours and it can be extinguished, and re-lit as and when desire. The only down side is, extinguishing cannot be done remotely. It will need to place a cover over the candle transparent container to do so.

The wax is refillable – or rather, it is replaceable. It can be done by unscrewing the used wax and attach a fresh one. A rechargeable battery at the base powers the candle, presumably to juice the ignition mechanism and also the Bluetooth module.

Up to ten Candle Touch can be control with the dedicated smartphone app. The app will also remind you to snuff the flame, you know, for safety reasons.

Candle Touch is available in a wide variety of scents and it can be had by backing Candle Touch’s Kickstarter campaign for $49 or more.

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Images: Candle Touch.

Source: Homecrux.

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