Remember Richard Clarkson’s Cloud Lamp from a few years ago? Also remember the ‘real’ Mattel hoverboard by Crealev? Well, the brilliant minds of the aforementioned individual and outfit have come together to create a “mid-size” floating cloud that not only hovers indoor, but also able to playback your favorite tunes and lights up, or should I say, lightning up, at the same time. The collaboration, called Making Weather, marries Richard Clarkson’s Cloud Lamp with Crealev’s innovative levitation technology to enable this shrunk down artificial cloud to hover (or float) around an inch or two off an oval mirrored base.

Buried inside the fluffy polyester fibers are a Bluetooth speaker for wireless audio playback and reactive LED lights that will replicate the lightning effect to the beat of the music being played. Being a magnetically levitated ‘cloud’, Making Weather will behave like most magnetically levitated object. Meaning it will rotate, sway and bob up and down, if ever so slightly, thus offering a “realistic atmospheric experience.” Needless to say, I am too impressed and holding myself back from screaming, “shut up and take my money.”

Take my money it will, though it wouldn’t be now. A prototype has been created, but there’s not telling when it will be commercially available, or how much it will cost when it becomes available. In the mean time, we can only drool over it and dream about it. Here’s the video of the prototype product in action:

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And here’s a few more look…

Making Weather Levitation Cloud Bluetooth Speaker

Making Weather Levitation Cloud Bluetooth Speaker

Making Weather Levitation Cloud Bluetooth Speaker

Images: Crealev.

via Colossal.

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