This Floating Cloud Wireless Speaker Has No Thunder, Only Sweet Tunes

Remember Richard Clarkson’s Cloud Lamp from a few years ago? Also remember the ‘real’ Mattel hoverboard by Crealev? Well, the brilliant minds of the aforementioned individual and outfit have come together to create a “mid-size” floating cloud that not only hovers indoor, but also able to playback your favorite tunes and lights up, or should […]

‘Mattel’ Hoverboard Really Hovers But You Can’t Actually Ride It

Hoverboard is a reality now, well, kind of cos’ they are not what as depicted in the sci-fi movie Back to the Future. Most of them can’t work without special surfaces, except for a couple (or one, to be exact) and they certainly can’t go anywhere (again, except for one). So, your only hope for […]