Floating Cloud Lamp Silently Kicks Up A Storm On Your Desk With Lights

Designer Richard Clarkson is known for a lot artsy stuff, but nothing from his portfolio stood out more than his cloud sculptures. You see, Richard here is kind of like X-Men’s Storm. He can whip up quite a storm. Granted, he won’t do damages like Ororo Munroe does when she is really pissed. His is […]

This Floating Cloud Wireless Speaker Has No Thunder, Only Sweet Tunes

Remember Richard Clarkson’s Cloud Lamp from a few years ago? Also remember the ‘real’ Mattel hoverboard by Crealev? Well, the brilliant minds of the aforementioned individual and outfit have come together to create a “mid-size” floating cloud that not only hovers indoor, but also able to playback your favorite tunes and lights up, or should […]

The Cloud Lamp by Richard Clarkson

these days we hang the word ‘cloud’ right next to our mouth, but how about putting one (the cloud) in your living, like literally? but this cloud, The Cloud Lamp by Richard Clarkson, is not a place or a natural phenomena (that would ridiculous, wouldn’t it?), but a piece of light and sound art that promised you a lightning experience, or if you prefer, offers you audio reproduction with visual feedback.