skull, despite its grim image, is a sign of manliness and so are beers. therefore, fusing a skull design into beer essentials such as a bottle opener is just about the manliest thing to do. and that is exactly what Crranky Brand did with the Crranky Skull Bottle Opener. btw, Crranky is not a typo. it is just spelt that way and believe us, this skull bottle opener is anything but cranky, unless you consider doubling as a keychain is (we reiterate: it is not). all told, the Crranky Skull Bottle Opener is chic cool, it is strong enough to do its job i.e. popping open bottles, it is slim enough for you slip inside your wallet and carry with you all the time, and it has a crazy cool, chipboard carved woodblock package art that would make any Hell’s Angel fanatics go gaga (disclaimer: stereotyping isn’t one of our intention here). included with this 16 gauge stainless steel skull bottle opener is a 6″ steel cable for keychain duty, or basically loop to anywhere that would make your feel proud. we love idea of steel cable in place of plain ring, which adds to its rugged manliness. last but not least, it is 100 percent crafted in the U.S.A and it will cost you just $19.99 to own. seriously, we can’t see what’s not to love about Crranky. check out a few more images after the break.

Published by Mike chua

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