camouflage is to nature, as with nature is to wood, and so it makes perfect sense to marry the two together, which is what Canadian creative firm MSTRPLN has done and the result are these awesome Modern Woodgrain Camouflage Case-Mate iPhone Cases. designed by Case-Mate for MSTRPLN, these one-piece snap cases take three distinct camouflage families – namely, Woodland, Duck CAMO pattern, and British DPM – and combines them with printed woodgrain patterns and the result is nothing short of astonishing (in the good way, of course). the case made out of impact resistant, flexible plastic that gives your iPhone all-round protection and access to all the device features while keeping to an unobtrusive profile. if you haven’t already noticed, these cases are of plastic and not real wood. obviously, it will be a lot cooler if it is of real wood, but then again, if it was made of authentic wood, we are sure it will cost a lot more than $35 a pop. the Modern Woodgrain Camouflage Case-Mate iPhone Cases is part of MSTRPLN’s Modern Woodgrain Camouflage Spring 2013 Collection, which also includes gallery prints and air cushion throw pillows – all sporting the same three woodgrain/camouflage pattern mash up.

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