Decades ago, Star Trek, Dick Track and the likes tickled our imaginations about wrist-worn two-way communication hardware, but those have since been superseded by our very capable smartphone. However, that does not mean wrist-worn communicator ain’t cool anymore and with the increasing popularity of smartwatch, speaking into your wrist might very be a fad again. Then again, a sleek, elegant piece of gadget on the wrist does quite speaks any substance, futuristically-speaking, unless you have this big-ass Communicator Watch as conjured up for tinkerer and Instructables member who goes by the name ‘DJ’. By now, many must have tried their hands on making wrist-worn communicator, but this one from DJ just blew our mind.

Communicator Watch by DJ

It is huge, like very huge and most importantly, it has that retro-futuristic look that once a staple in science flicks and TV shows from the 60s and 70s. Best of all, it is a working communicator, complete with a 128 x 96 resolution OLED display, GSM support, integrated 8ohm mini speaker and microphone, and a 2,000 mAh lithium polymer battery that keeps the watch juiced. DJ drew its inspiration from various sources and among them are Star Trek TOS and the good’ol transistor radios, and the result leaves us pretty much in awe. The size is no doubt a little ostentatious, but that’s just the way we like it and if you love it too, DJ has some good news for you: you can actually DIY one yourself by following his instruction as posted on Instructables. Whether your product will be as beautiful as DJ’s is really dependent on your tech skills.

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