HTC VIVE Introduces VIVE Tracker (3.0) And New VIVE Facial Tracker For VR

Lets run through this real quick. Here are two new peripherals for virtual reality from HTC VIVE. The VR equipment maker has introduced its next-gen tracking peripherals, VIVE Tracker (3.0), and VIVE Facial Tracker. Clearly, these are not for gaming – at least is not now.

HTC VIVE Is Bundling VIVE Cosmos Headset With GIGABYTE AORUS 15G Gaming Laptop

HTC VIVE has introduced a new VR headset and laptop bundle that would take the science out of PC-VR setup. The company has introduced the HTC VIVE Cosmos Series x AORUS 15G Bundle to get you started with Virtual Reality even if you may be clueless about VR.

Meet HTC’s First 5G Smartphone, U20 5G, And The Budget Smartphone, Desire 20 Pro

We almost forgotten that HTC makes phone! Given the Taiwanese tech company have been rather low key in the smartphone market. It has been more active in the VR arena. Anywho, here they are, two new HTC handsets after like the longest time. Meet the HTC Desire 20 Pro and the HTC U20 5G.

HTC VIVE Cosmos VR Headset Is Here And It Plans On Growing With You Over Time

VR headset, like any gadget, faces the risk of becoming a white elephant fairly quickly. Not the HTC VIVE Cosmos, though. While a hardware like a VR headset can’t organically grow, VIVE Cosmos will grow with users over time, ensuring its usability as technology progresses.

HTC Launches Vive Pro Eye In North America For $1,599

Well, it seems like every VR headset maker have their sight set on the enterprise sector. HTC Vive is no different. The handset maker has just announced the launch of its HTC VIVE Pro Eye VR Headset for companies in North America. Building on the design of Vive Pro, the Vive Pro Eye VR boasts …

HTC U12+ Is A 6-inch Android Phone Designed For One-hand Operations

We all know large phone like those 6-incher are never good for one-handed operations, but this newest offering from Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC wants to change that. Announced midweek, the HTC U12+ features Edge Sense 2 that will let you snap photos, call up voice assistants, or whatever you want to do with just one …

HTC U11+ Is The Larger U11 You Probably Never Heard Before

By now, you are probably familiar with HTC U11 and the U11 Life, but unbeknownst to some, HTC U11 has another model, the U11+. Introduced late last year, the U11+ is the largest of the now-three-model U11 line-up. Although it is supposed to be available internationally late 2017, we don’t find it anywhere on U.S. …

HTC Vive Pro VR Headset Is Now Open Pre-order, Priced At $799

I wonder how much VR headset is reaping in for companies who make them. I mean, unlike gadgets like say, headphones, you know the market is out there, but a VR headset seems more like a luxury than necessity. What I am trying say, the traction isn’t there compared to staple gadgets. Anyways, it appears …

If This Is How The Google Pixel XL 2 Will Look Like, Sign Me Up For One!

We usually don’t do rumors and if we did, it is almost always about Apple iPhone, but looking at how the smartphone industry have shifted so far, you know, Google getting into the hardware making itself, we think it is time that we dish out some rumors on the upcoming Google Pixel 2. Anywho, what …

Google Lens And WorldSense Standalone VR Headsets Announced

Well, what do you know? Using your phone’s camera is going to even more fulfilling soon. No. We are not talking about new selfie technology that will make you look prettier (although that can be deemed fulfilling too); it is a lot more than that. It is a new vision-based computing capability found in a …