some people like to flaunt their speakers, but there are also some who prefer to hear and not to see them. in the past, we are resigned to getting the skinniest or the flattest or even go the transparent route in order not to see these sound reproduction devices, but Soundwall has another alternative which replaces ‘ugly’ speakers with eye-candy as offered by a selection of art works. we are not talking about HDTV here. we are talking about real-deal art works which you can buy and turn them into working, wireless speakers that allows you to stream music wirelessly from your iPhone, Android, Sonos and more.

the electronic wizardry aka the distributed mode speaker system that made this possible is concealed behind the hanging art work. the entire system is light enough to be hang on the wall and features a built-in Raspberry PI computer that utilizes Apple AirPlay and UPnP protocols for wireless audio transmission, while an ultra efficient amplifier delivers powerful sound. each Soundwall is handcrafted and individually tested in the U.S.A. so you can be assured of the quality. multiple Soundwalls can be synced to push out tunes in harmony (over the same WiFi network, of course), or if desired, use as individual audio system.

on the artistic aspect, you can choose from a selection of artworks from independent artists (sorry, no Van Gogh or Monet here), or upload your own image, or you can display your artistic flairs by painting directly onto a blank Soundwall canvas. speaking of which, the canvas here is off specialized foam core which is both great for image and paintings, and also provides optimal sound reproduction. while the Soundwall might have gotten rid of the physical speakers that irks you, but you will still have at least one power cable running up the artwork to deal with which we thought you should know.

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prices of the Soundwall varies depending on the type of hanging art you opt for, but as a general guide, you are looking at a minimal of $949 investment here.

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